Heerlijck Slaapen

B&B Heerlijck Slaapen at the Zaanse Schans

Wandering & Meandering

Walking and strolling in the Zaan Region! Several well-trodden routes pass by the ‘Zaanse Schans’. Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the views! We have selected one local trail for you. On the website www.zaanstreek.nl there are even more walking routes through the region.

Bootstrail : 1.5 mile

This trail starts at the watchtower to the left of the ‘Zaans’ Museum at the main parking lot. You will follow a superb route on a nature trail through the ‘Kalverpolder’. Graceful footbridges will help you over the canals. Take a seat on one of the benches and admire the stunning views. The return route takes you past the windmills. During the breeding season (mid-March to mid-June), this path is closed.

Biking & Cycling

Cycling at the ‘Zaanse Schans’ is great! The surrounding area is also worth a visit. By cycling, you can see more in less time than walking. You can hire bikes at ‘Zaanse Schans Bike Rent’. You will soon be cycling past the monumental merchant houses in Zaandijk across the river, the picturesque neighborhood of Haaldersbroek and the new Zaandam City Centre! Due to safety reasons it is not allowed to cycle on the small paths between the houses of the ‘Zaanse Schans’, but there is an ongoing bicycle path on the Kalverringdijk.

Take a tour with Enjoy Bike Taxi.

Explore the Zaanse Schans with Enjoy Bike Taxi. For more information, please see the Facebook page of Enjoy Bike Taxi

Boats & Ferries

Travelling by boat on the Zaan River offers fantastic views of our recent industrial heritage, including ancient houses and our stunning windmills. Or perhaps you’d prefer a boat tour through the polder? There are boat tours and ferry services from late March until September.

Early Friday morning at 07:30 am a tour boat departs and brings you to the city of Alkmaar. You can explore the city and visit the cheese market. Around 15:00 pm the tour boat will return. Please note you'll have to make reservations at Rederij de Schans

Daytrips & Sightseeing

If you have your own transportation you can visit the small fishing villages Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Edam and Volendam.

But it is only a stones throw (0,5 mile) to the train station. After you’ve crossed the bridge over the river take a left turn. Take the next main street on your right hand and at the end you‘ll find the railway station. It is only a 15 minute train ride to Amsterdam. Zaandam City Centre is even closer!