Heerlijck Slaapen

B&B Heerlijck Slaapen at the Zaanse Schans

Sightseeing at the Zaanse Schans

Bed & Breakfast ‘Heerlijck Slaapen’ is located in the centre of the Zaanse Schans where you can get a vivid impression of the Dutch way of life in the 17th and 18th centuries. The area consists of authentic houses, a historic shipyard, a pewter factory, a cheese and dairy farm, an age-old grocery store (Albert Heijn), clog-making demonstrations, and above all, lots of windmills. The ancient buildings were relocated from different parts of the Zaan Region. This presentation of Dutch life attracts almost 2 million visitors each year. It can’t get more Dutch, you won’t be disappointed!!!

The Wind Mills

Some 250 years ago, well over 600 windmills were cramped into this relatively small area. Together they formed the first industrial site in the world. They performed a wide range of industrial duties, such as producing shelves, paint, mustard, oil and paper. Today the mills offer wonderful views, best seen from a boat tour on the ‘Zaan’ river. You can also visit three of these age-old mills and have a look inside.

The Art of Wooden Shoes

Visit the daily demonstrations of the traditional handcraft of clog making. And enjoy the small but appealing clog museum, they feature one of the most comprehensive wooden shoe collections in the Netherlands.

Say Cheese!

At the cheese farm ‘Catharina Hoeve’ the craft of cheese making is demonstrated. You can admire the traditional Dutch costumes which the staff is wearing and they will provide you with information on the different kinds of cheese.

Old Bakery ‘In De Gecroonde Duyvenkater’

This building dates from 1658 and above the door you see a panel with wooden ‘Duivenkater’ bread. The museum consists of a 19th century bakery shop with a beautiful marble floor and an authentic stone oven fired by sawdust. 'Duivenkater' is a typical festive sweetbread specialty which the local population used to eat at Eastern.

Say Cheers! At the ‘Tweekoppige Phoenix’

The wind mills do not only ground grain for bread but also for beer and gin. Discover the ancient craft of distilling alcoholic spirits here and they will offer you  a tasting of three different liqueurs.

Pewter foundry ‘De Tinkoepel’

This  tea house on the banks of the river the ‘Zaan’ is the oldest pewter foundry in the Netherlands. All the items in this shop are hand crafted. It offers the largest collection available and includes dining services, jugs, plates, cups, miniatures, jewelry, antique pewter and a lot more.